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2015 Membership Drive is Underway!

As HTRA enters its third year of existence, we encourage you to:

  • re-up”, if you’re a current member,
  • rejoin” if your membership has lapsed,
  • or  just plain “join-up” if you’ve yet to become a member.

As the November 13 PIMA Air Museum party demonstrated, we’re an energetic and enthused group of like-minded retired or near-retired individuals.

  • Our common bond is sharing the pride and heritage of having worked at our Tucson Missile Systems location, for any of the numerous companies that, through the years, have blended into the current Raytheon Missile Systems.
  • Our purpose is to provide all Missile Systems’ retirees the opportunity to stay connected, share opportunities in as large a variety of social and community venues as we can develop, and help each other in addressing the many mysteries and challenges of preparing for and being retired.

It’s easy to join via the button on the Membership Page, and as in the past, costs only $20 for the year.  Dues paid now give you membership through all of 2015.

Please, join, and please encourage those you know who have not done so to try us out.

Best regards to each of you,

Your  HTRA Board of Directors

Hughes Tucson Retirees Association

Hughes Tucson Retirees AssociationThe Hughes Tucson Retirees Association (HTRA) is a tax-free, non-profit, 501 (c) 7 Arizona corporation, and is open to all past and current employees and retirees who worked to make Tucson Missile Systems a success. All of the companies that came together — CSC, E-Systems, GD, HAC, HFCU, Raytheon and TI — are eligible and invited to join. An annual fee of $20 covers your membership. Visit the membership page for more information or to join online. Check out our beautiful Spring Newsletter and  our HTRA Brochure to learn more!

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The HTRA provides a way to stay in touch and socialize with friends and associates, educational and travel opportunities for members and their guests, opportunities for community involvement, support for members in need, and more.

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Become a member of the Hughes Tucson Retirees Association today! Just $20 covers your fees for the 2015 year.

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Recent Events

Member Appreciation Dinner – April 3

As the sky glowed orange from yet another beautiful Tucson sunset, the private brick patio at the Stillwell House downtown was full of the sounds of planning and reminiscing as scores of members and guests enjoyed a Membership Appreciation Dinner. Throughout the evening the soothing background music of soloist Manny Herrera accompanied the informal setting.  What a nice change from our usual indoor dining!  Let your Events chair know how much you enjoyed this evening and if you want more like this.

Recent News:

NEW Your 2014 SUMMER/FALL HTRA Newsletter is now available.


Four-Part Hughes History Series on YouTube

These videos are presentations and interviews made during the first Hughes Aircraft Retiree reception in 2011 at the former Culver City facility where the Flying Boat (aka Spruce Goose) was built. Read the brief details on our HTRA in Action Page under Educational Activities or go directly to YouTube to view the videos.

Allen E. Puckett dies at 94

Puckett, who became chief executive of Hughes Aircraft Co. in 1978, was ‘the father of our nation’s guided missiles.’

Have you looked at your new HTRA in Action Page?

Read the November 13, 2014 General Meeting Minutes at the Pima Air Museum Social

Read the October 11, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes.

Want to get involved?  Please fill out a ”Suggestion“ or a “Volunteer” form and mail it to HTRA at 660 E. Rudasill Rd, Tucson, AZ 85704 or e-mail them to